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Kate Matheson

Anatomy of a Thriving Health + Wellness Practice

(NEW LIVE MASTERCLASS ON NOVEMBER 13) –> Anatomy of a Thriving Health + Wellness Practice: 4 Steps to Building a Fully Booked Practice in Just 4 Hours a Week…Even If You’re a Business Beginner

All new masterclass where I’m revealing the super simple 4 step strategy my clients are using to fill their schedules without burning out on the marketing
– 2 foundational elements missing from most practices that’s making it so.much.harder (and more frustrating) to create consistent income
– How to have stability and freedom in your business so you can travel, take weekends off, make your OWN health routines a priority without playing the “shame game” for spending money or not working.
– My secret to feeling confident and genuine in your marketing rather than wanting to run, hide, or gag (even if you’re an introvert or are nervous to “put yourself out there”)

Kate Matheson Anatomy

Kate Matheson is a business coach and strategist for health and wellness practitioners who aren’t as booked as they want to be but aren’t sure exactly what to do or where to start to build thriving, fully booked practices. She helps practitioners go from struggling to fill a full day to booking up with a waitlist so they can make the money they deserve (and lots of it) without sacrificing their quality of care, their sanity or feeling one iota of sleaze.

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Yolanda McAdam

25+ Best Small Business Apps

Save yourself time, money and energy with these must-have apps! Grab this list of25 + Best Small Business Apps today and make your life a whole lot easier. Focus your attention on what’s important and leave the rest to these quality apps.

Hi I’m Yolanda and I’m a marketing strategist and coach. I turn your online presence into results that are impactful and quantifiable.
Lisa Fraley - Headshot


DIY Mini Disclaimer Template

The Mini-Disclaimer is the disclaimer language you want to use on the bottom of your PDFs, program guides, event handouts, presentation slides, and on your social media sidebars, everywhere but your website (where you’ll want to use a longer Website Disclaimer) to put your purchasers on notice about what you do and how your limiting your liability. You just download the document and it’s ready to use!

Use coupon code LEESA

Lisa Fraley, JD, is an Attorney, Legal Coach®, Speaker and #1 Best-Selling Author of Easy Legal Steps…That are Also Good for Your Soul. She’s the host of the “Legally Enlightened” podcast on iTunes and a frequent legal expert on hundreds of webinars and podcasts (including top-ranked “Entrepreneur on Fire”) and speaks at live events from British Columbia to the Bellagio. As a Holistic Lawyer®, Lisa blends legal expertise as a former health care attorney and caring health & life coaching skills to help heart-centered entrepreneurs protect their businesses and brands with contracts, disclaimers, trademarks and more. She shares her “Legal Love” through DIY legal templates and 1:1 services and she’s known for aligning legal steps with the chakras.


Sherry Rothwell

Niche Masterclass

In this Niche Masterclass, we do the inner work of getting clarity about the kind of person you want to work with – so that your ideal clients can find you! Finding your niche is partly about ‘chemistry’ and partly about getting clear on the results your service offers. We’ll uncover that ‘special someone’ who wants what you’ve got – so that you can design the perfect program that marries what you love, with the people who want it the most! This masterclass will give you a head start in your business, by getting you on track and attracting clients you love right from the start.

My name is Sherry Rothwell and I have been in private practice since 2006 with a special focus on prenatal health, gut health and weight loss. Additionally, I offer business consulting for nutritionists on how to create simple, yet scalable business systems and coaching packages that are marketable. Besides over 20 years working in the natural health field, Doula ‘ing’ and studying holistic midwifery, I am a certified holistic nutritionist (RHN), GAPS practitioner and graduated with honours from both the Edison Institute of Nutrition and the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. I was an instructor at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition for 4 years and offer continuing education courses as an instructor at the Okanagan College in Kelowna, BC. . Currently my practice is focused on weight loss while certifying and training Delish Diet Practitioners at www.DelishDiet.ca

Jessica Freeman

Free Monthly Health and Wellness Content Ideas

Get TEN free content ideas specifically tailored for personal trainers, dietitians, and health coaches to help you turn FOLLOWERS into CUSTOMERS.

Jessica Freeman is an award-winning web designer and strategist for service-based business owners. Jess helps health and wellness pros get better clients through their website and content. She is also the host of The Digital Lounge podcast, and produces weekly video content for her YouTube channel.

Sabrina Sarabella

Business Success Academy…Your 5 Day Business Growth Mastery Training!

In this training you will learn the 5 MUST HAVES (that potentially are missing in your business) For Every Successful Business.

Click on the link to sign up for this Limited Time Training that will be delivered by email and Instagram live trainings!

This Training will include:

  • How to cultivate a success mindset that will ensure you grow a business that motivates you to give your all and make the impact you desire.
  • The importance of having an effective marketing plan that boosts your brand awareness on social media and attracts ideal clients masterfully.
  • Creating a clear vision to success by setting big goals with a path to methodically achieving them making you excited to wake up to your business knowing exactly what you need to do in order to get stuff done.
  • The power of automated systems to grow a thriving email list with ideal clients, increase overall revenues, and decrease the amount of time you’re working in your business.
  • My top secrets to building a dream business all while making incredible money and an amazing impact on the clients you love!
I’m a business coach who helps wellness professionals grow their online business. I am also a clinical nutritionist and have been a personal trainer and group fitness instructor for over 20 years. So you can say I know my way around the fitness and wellness industry. I am passionate about helping wellness professionals grow their business, build their brand and incorporate additional income streams so that they can work less hours while increasing revenue.

Tracie Kendziora

Write Your Damn Website

Write Your Damn Website includes easy-to-follow copywriting guides to help you whip up some words for your about page, landing page, and work with me page that build your unmistakably “you” brand, establish oodles of trust with your audience, and bump up your bookings. These nifty guides will help you write your damn website in a way that feels good to you, positions you as the legit expert you are, and becomes your sparkly home on the interwebs that acts as your business-building wingman 24-freakin’7. This DIY kit will give you the structure and format you need – whether you’re starting from scratch or need a refresh – to write website copy that’s you AND that’s sooo relatable it’ll attract your dream clients…over and over again.

Tracie Kendziora, founder of Okay, Okapi, is a writing coach and editor (and shameless wannabe standup comedian). She helps online business owners, entrepreneurs, and creatives write copy that doesn’t embarrass them…and that sounds like something they’d actually say.
Louise-1 head shoulders

Louise Mansergh

Marketing Plan Template with 40 marketing ideas inside

Connect with your ideal clients so they are forming a queue to find out more about you and your offers. Learn how to promote your business to your ideal clients so you turn more of them from looky-loos to paying clients. Stuck for marketing ideas? There are 40 marketing ideas in here for you to choose from. That’s more than one a day!

Louise Mansergh helps health and wellness business owners to get more clients, so they can build a thriving business without spending countless hours learning and doing their own marketing.


Jill Kane

Done-For-You “Release Your Stress Workshop”

Chronic stress is a major contributor to poor health, hormonal imbalances, and disease. Teach your clients how to minimize stress and become more resilient while they learn to adopt personal strategies to thrive at work and at home.

Brandable & Editable Materials – Add Your Logo and Make It Your Own! Can be used in many ways! Host Workshops or Lunch & Learns, One on One Coaching, Online Group Coaching, and Deliver as a Paid Online Class.

Health & Wellness Business Strategist, Jill Kane, owner and CEO of Jill Kane Wellness helps health and wellness entrepreneurs create and launch their group program so they can create consistent, scalable income and set their business up for long-term growth and success.

Cindy J Holbrook

9 Steps to Be a Trusted and In-Demand Expert

You’ll discover how to stand out from the crowd and inspire feelings of trust so that clients pay you top dollar. You’ll understand how to leverage the expertise of other health experts to increase your credibility and the #1 strategy to get booked on podcasts and radio shows that will get you noticed fast.
Cindy J, The Visibility Wiz …. Cindy J Holbrook, The Visibility wiz, is uniquely gifted at guiding entrepreneurs to thrive as they go up the ladder from being the best-kept secret to trusted expert. As the host of the Biz Success In 15 podcast, she interviews top experts that share hot strategies listeners can implement in 15 minutes or less. She has been featured on Huffington Post Live, Women’s Speaker Association TV, eHarmony, Prevention Magazine, and a guest on numerous summits.

Sam Vander Wielen

The First 5 Steps to Legally Protect & Grow Your Online Business

This workshop teaches you my 5-step legally legit strategy to protect and grow your online business. In the 1-hour training I’ll teach you…

  • The mindset shift you have to make when it comes to legally protecting your business (HINT: Fear is blocking your revenue, my dear.)
  • How registering your business protects you personally
  • What your website needs to be legally protected
  • How contracts can totally save your (vegan) bacon
  • The #1 way to keep copycats from stealing your content (It’s not what you think!)

…plus, I’ll give you real case studies so you can see how my clients have used my training and support to feel confident and protected in their business.

Sam Vander Wielen is an attorney-turned-entrepreneur who helps coaches, creatives, and consultants legally protect and grow their online brands through her DIY legal templates and Ultimate Bundle program. She lives in Philadelphia, PA with her husband Ryan, lots of plants and her favorite books.

Orly Biz Headshot

Orly Wachter

The 11-Step Client Attraction Guide

Do you want to build a thriving nutrition practice but struggle to find consistent clients? My 11-Step client attraction guide will help you learn effective ways to attract new clients (without spending money on FB ads), so you can get fully booked, create a steady cash flow, and finally leave your 9-5 job with confidence.

Orly Wachter is a registered dietitian & business coach who helps health experts nail their niche and create a strong, compelling message so they stand out in the crowded wellness space and attract their ideal clients with ease.

Google Analytics e-Course Bundle

With this analytics bundle you’ll be able to:
  • See which online channels are sending the most traffic your way so you can leverage them.
  • Highlight potential problems in sales copy, website extensions, or product offerings so you can fix them.
  • Find opportunities to create more of the content that’s attracting people to your site.
Digital Marketing Consultant & Online Business Developer – I help visionary online business owners to get their business and marketing running strategically and efficiently online.

Sam Duncan & Sarah Shade

How to Create Your Signature Coaching Program in Just 2 Days!

This 2-part class is filled with practical, simple to digest instructions that will help you gain massive clarity over your business, and then gently lead you step-by-step into creating the meat of your Signature Coaching program!

Like many online coaches it’s easy to get wrapped up in selling your time by the hour, however, we find that selling a specific end result is easier and much more lucrative! You can sell your program based on the value you bring to the table, which is usually a LOT higher than your hourly rate. If you’re looking to serve MORE clients and create predictable income, this 2-day class is for you!

Use coupon code LEESA

The Empire Method was created from the heart by two incredibly passionate women, Sam Duncan & Sarah Shade who both wanted to change how the online business journey works. Sharing the same massive goal to breathe life into their client’s goals they have created a place where business and technology merge with ease, purpose, and empowerment. With over a decade of tech & marketing experience they bring world-class solutions such as websites, graphics, content, sales pages, lead captures, email marketing, and so much more to the business table! Their #1 goal is to help their clients become fiercely empowered!

Margo Carroll

How To Design Your Sales Funnel In An Afternoon

Follow the simple steps in this video class to create your empathy-driven customer journey that easily guides your audience from curious fans to loyal customers.

Margo Carroll is an email marketing strategist, copywriter and evergreen funnel wizard for wellness brands and online business owners. Busy course creators and thought leaders come to her when they need webinars, email sequences and funnels that give them back their TIME while also increasing revenue. Margo runs the show at MargoCarroll.com. In her free time, she enjoys trail running, spending time with her kids and husband, and failing miserably at knitting.
Mimi Bishop Headshot

Mimi Bishop

Say It Sell It: 3 Steps to Writing an Elevator Pitch that Gets People Saying, “Tell Me More!”

Say It, Sell It will get you clear on what to say and how to say it so you’ll never feel embarrassed, tongue-tied or clam-up when someone asks, “so what do you do?”. You’ll learn:

  1. How to get clear on who your ideal customers are they are, who you help and how you do it.
  2. How to write a clear and concise elevator pitch that gets people saying, “Oh, tell me more!”
  3. How to be a natural when you’re saying it

BONUS! Understand what your ideal customers really need. You’ll learn how to uncover your ideal customer’s biggest problems and how you can solve them. Hello, paying customers!

Mimi Bishop an online business strategist who helps people build online service-based businesses. She gives her clients over-the-top one-to-one support, accountability and action steps that are customized to their business so they can get clients and make money.

Leesa Klich at desk

Leesa Klich

MASTERCLASS: Blog must-haves to grow your traffic, engagement, and subscribers

This masterclass shares exactly what you need to:

  • Get more people to notice and find your blog, vlog, and podcast content.
  • Boost engagement by encouraging your audience to read and share more of your posts and episodes.
  • Convert your readers into email subscribers and clients.

Credible content marketing for the wellness industry Health Writer – Blogging Expert – Research Nerd Leesa helps health and wellness professionals build their authority with strategically-planned, easy-to-read scientific health content to stand out in the crowded, often unqualified, market of entrepreneurs. Leesa helps them establish trust with their audiences, adds credibility to their services, and saves them a ton of time so they don’t have to do the research or writing themselves.